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For most people, the MySherri™ service is new and can take some time to learn what to expect. While you might be inclined to start with one visit a week to get a feel of what we do and how we work, here’s why you might want to consider starting with two visits a week and downgrading (if needed!). 

Since most people have more on their to-do list than they initially think, we’ve found that two visits per week is the best option for our clients. First, we want your Home Coordinator to be able to help you in every way you desire; five hours usually isn’t enough to cover all of your needs. Next, and more importantly, it’s easier for us to downgrade than it is to upgrade. In fact, if you want to upgrade, it could take a month or more to get you to the next level since we are so particular about who we hire and what clients we take on! 

And don’t worry, if you find that you just don’t have enough tasks for your Home Coordinator to complete and want to drop down to once a week, we would be happy to accommodate. We simply recommend starting with more visits off the bat because while it’s easy to decrease visits, it is rather difficult to go up to twice a week and keep the same Home Coordinator.

As you can imagine, a Home Coordinator takes on a lot throughout the week, and their capacity fills up pretty quickly. We want you to be matched with the perfect Home Coordinator from the get-go and be able to get the extent of help you need. Most people would prefer to not have to go through the match-making process twice if they don’t have to. Schedule up and thank us later! 

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Ashley Butler

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Ashley Butler

Doctor turned CEO & Founder of MySherri. Passionate entrepreneur on a mission to help busy professionals spend more time on the people and projects that matter most.