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Home care, nutrition services, personal assistance, and pet care are some of the most common reasons busy professionals and households seek out an experienced Home Coordinator with MySherri. But the truth is, if you’re only asking your coordinator to do these things, you could be missing out! 

At MySherri, we want you to make the most of your time with your Home Coordinator. Here are a few unique ways your Home Coordinator can take the excess stress off your plate.

1. Home Improvement 

Perhaps you’ve been meaning to fix that squeaky floorboard, or maybe your flower garden isn’t blooming like it used to. Whatever light home improvement tasks you need done, our Home Coordinators can help. We can touch up paint, rake leaves, create landscaping plans, and pot plants for your porch. Soon enough, you’ll have a lovely home and garden to enjoy, without ever lifting a finger!

2. Maintenance Appointments 

Most people rarely look forward to scheduling home maintenance, but someone has to do it! Whether it’s contacting the HVAC company to take a look at your air conditioner or calling the pool company to open it for the summer, we have you covered. Your Home Coordinator will schedule service and can be home when the workers arrive.

3. Get Organized

Proper organization goes a long way to reducing stress and creating a more comfortable home. But organizing takes a lot of time, effort, and planning. Fortunately, your Home Coordinator can take on the hard work for you. We can organize garages, basements, and attics, finding extra storage space where you didn’t know there was any! 

In the long-term, we’ll help you develop systems that keep your home organized all year long. Your Home Coordinator might give you ideas on how to store your racks of shoes, or they might have some pointers for hiding away seasonal sports equipment. At the end of the day, our services are tailored to your unique needs!

4. Holiday Cheer

The holidays bring cheer for many, but stress for some. If the holiday season has you feeling overwhelmed, call your Home Coordinator. We can take care of things like finding a photographer for your Christmas card, addressing letters, and sending out the season’s greetings. Your Home Coordinator can also help with gift planning and wrapping. You might even work together to plan a holiday celebration and create a menu for the big day.

5.Making Memories 

Leafing through the pages of a scrapbook and reliving all your favorite memories is a great way to relax and reminisce. However, compiling photo albums (and scheduling photo sessions in the first place!) is quite time consuming. Talk to your Home Coordinator about building a well-designed photo album to enjoy as the years pass. 

But maybe instead of reliving the past, you’re looking to make new memories. In that case, why not work with your Home Coordinator to plan and book a vacation? We can set you up with a reputable travel agency and ensure your trip across the state (or across the world) is a success! 

Making Home Your Destination for Relaxation

Too often, we get home from a long day at work and have to do even more chores to keep the household in order. But with a Home Coordinator from MySherri, your home will become more of a relaxation spot than a hub for daily chores. We can take care of nearly everything, from loads of laundry to making sure that this year’s daisies are in full bloom in the garden. Find out how a Home Coordinator can make your life a little easier.

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