Much of the time, 24 hours just isn’t enough time to check everything off of your to-do list. But lack of time doesn’t mean that chores and errands can go undone. If you’re falling behind on your to-do list, let your Home Coordinator help! You’d be surprised by how much we can do for our clients.

Our Home Coordinators can take care of a variety of tasks for you. To help give you an idea of what we can do, we’ve created a few sample task lists (inspired by real clients!) for you to draw inspiration from. Check them out and think about how else we could help you!

Sample Task Lists for One Visit a Week

How do you make a task list that covers all the bases? It all starts with some inspiration. Here are some ideas for your once-weekly MySherri visit:

Focus: Meals and Tidying

For some, we focus specifically on ensuring you have food and your house is tidied. This includes: 

  • Meal planning, grocery shopping (placing the order, picking it up, and putting it up), and meal preparation**
  • Doing the laundry and folding/hanging clothes 
  • Tidying the dining room, living room, and kitchen 
  • Bonus: Holiday menu planning and preparation

**Have you found a recipe you’re excited to try? Set out the cookbook, and we’ll have your new favorite dish waiting for you for dinner!

Focus: Odds and Ends 

Or, if you’re more concerned about the little stuff that just never seems to get done, we can help with:

  • Making beds and general bedroom cleanup 
  • Closet organization and maintaining systems for the long term
  • Cleaning window coverings 
  • Scheduling seasonal maintenance

Sample Task Lists for Two Visits a Week 

For some families, one visit a week just isn’t enough. Not a problem for your Home Coordinator—we’ll schedule a second weekly visit! In fact, most of our clients are opting for at least two visits a week! If you’re working on a twice-weekly task list, use these samples as a starting point:

Focus: Errands and Small Projects 

  • Taking pets to and from daycare 
  • Walking dogs for up to a half hour 
  • Returning items purchased online 
  • Washing and refreshing towels and linens 
  • Changing bed linens and tablecloths 
  • Taking charge of quick projects, including, but not limited to, making photo albums and addressing envelopes

Focus: Meal Planning and Organization 

  • Meal planning, giving consideration to dietary restrictions and allergies 
  • Working with family to create a list of favorite foods 
  • Going grocery shopping
  • Preparing two or three meals a week 
  • Running major organization projects, such as closet purges, pantry restocks, and basement storage

Making Your Life a Little Simpler 

No matter the length of your task list, our MySherri Home Coordinators make your life a lot easier so you can have more time to do date nights, spend time with your kids, finish work, or just relax. While we can’t shoo all the stress out of your day, we can ensure that you come home to a clean, comfortable atmosphere that you enjoy. Get started creating your task list today!

Ashley Butler

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Ashley Butler

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