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Rachel Pritz Coaching

Rachel Pritz

Owner of Rachel Pritz Coaching

Professional Development

Rachel coaches (mostly women) towards getting more of the life they really crave. Letting go of the woman you’ve been socialized to be and awakening the woman you really are, is at the heart of her coaching. Coaching got her out of a deep period of burnout and helped skyrocket Rachel towards her full potential. Rachel wants to give that to every single human on the planet.

  • Website: www.rachelpritz.com
  • Why we love Rachel: Rachel is helping women getting more of the life they really want and need, which we can totally get behind! 
  • Why she loves MySherri: Making the lives of busy women easier and more manageable, keeps us in the game and we NEED to be in the game in this time and space in history. I see way too many women (I was one of them) that spend too much of their valuable time and energy cleaning and planning. It takes up all of the mental and physical capacity and they are left unfulfilled and miserable. When that work can be outsourced to people we know and trust, that is a game changer for helping women reach their full potential.”

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