Home Coordinator Overview

We are thrilled you are considering MySherri™ to help take tasks off your plate. We would love to welcome you and your family to our MySherri™ community.

Here is a summary of our model which we think will be an awesome fit for you and your home:

How Clients Use the MySherri™ Support Model:

Nutritional support like meal planning, grocery shopping, meal preparation, and inventory management for staple items.

  • One of our clients started a trend of having smoothies prepped for her and her husband at the beginning of every month. It’s now spread to multiple client homes!
  • Another client has grab-and-go lunches prepped each week for his entire family with dinner “meal kits” ready to go so they can make dinner as a family.

Clothing management like laundry, folding, closet organization, mending, dry cleaning.

  • We do a lot of laundry, folding, and closet organization – it’s one of our most popular services!
  • We help clients purge unwanted clothing items and occasionally help resell them for added value.

Personal assistance like dropping off returns, scheduling date night, managing the home maintenance schedule.

  • Clients will regularly request we pick up or drop off items from a variety of locations around Indy.
  • Clients request assistance with scheduling regular time for couples or the entire family to spend time together.

Pet care like scheduling appointments, managing food orders, and going on walks.

  • Many of our clients have their Home Coordinator walk their dogs or take them to the dog park for some playtime.
  • We take pets for regular check-ups and vaccinations.

What are clients saying?


“I shudder to remember what life was like before we invited your team into our home. Lexie has been a true game-changer.”

Joe C.

“I have a new love in my life, but don’t tell my husband. MySherri has completely transformed the way we interact with our home as a family.”

Kim S.

“For the first time in two years, I have been able to walk out of my office at the end of the day knowing that dinner is done and I don’t have a weekend of chores to do. My husband and I got to settle in with a glass of wine while having a game night with our kids for the first time in a very long time. I love MySherri!”

Megan L.

“With our mother-in-law moving in, starting my second business, and my husband starting a new job – we need our HC now more than ever and I am so happy she is here to help take care of laundry, meals, and getting my husband’s mother settled. I don’t know what we would do without her!”

Leslie I.

Packages and Pricing

The agreement is a 3-month term and then will move to monthly. We kindly ask for that 90 days as it helps us onboard to the flow of your home and your needs most effectively.

Welcome Fee

One-time fee that scales based on subscription tier

$1099 per month

Professional Package

$2199 per month

Executive Package

$3299 per month

C-Suite Package

Getting Started

When you’re ready, we can schedule your in-home consultation and set a day for your services to begin!