What does your home look like during the holidays?

During the holidays, mine used to look like me always running around trying to finish the last minute items before the year ends. I was busy planning for ALL of the holiday events coming up, trying not to forget the small details to make them special. The race to the end of the year—and all of the holiday hustle and bustle in between—usually led to the care of my house being pushed to the backburner.  

A messy home equals a ton of stress added on to our already busy schedules. 


With the holidays comes a big list of “to-do’s.” There is decorating that needs done, gifts to be purchased and wrapped, food to prep, events to plan and attend, as well as the usual list of tasks to take care of our homes.

The holidays are meant to be enjoyed, but does it feel like the pressure is so high that we’re just barely getting through?

Let MySherri help balance your life during the holidays to bring relaxation back into your home.

How can your Home Coordinator help?

There are many ways your Home Coordinator can help out during the holidays.  The most popular need is baking or cooking.  

December is the time of sweet treats and baking as many cookies as you can eat. Your Home Coordinator can bake your requests to meet your needs. Do you need gluten free cookies? Non-dairy sweets? Chocolate-lover options? Don’t worry; your Home Coordinator has you covered.  

oatmeal cookies

Not only can MySherri save you time in the kitchen, but remember those last minute gifts you forgot to order because you simply don’t have time? MySherri can order them for you! They can be neatly wrapped and placed under the tree before you know it. 

Remember, your Home Coordinator is here for YOU. Your task list can be catered to the holidays in order to make your life the easiest. Here’s what a holiday task list for your Home Coordinator could look like:

  • Wrapping the presents and putting them under the tree
  • Putting up the holiday decorations
  • Ordering groceries needed to make the holiday dinner
  • Setting the table for the party
  • Prepping food to be cooked for a holiday dinner

…as well as any other usual household chores you need done! (Psst…for extra tips on creating a task list for your Home Coordinator, click here.)

set table for guests

MySherri allows clients to spend extra time with family this holiday season. Let us help you spend more time enjoying it instead of stressing it.