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Since someone new will be coming into your home, you probably have a bit of apprehension about who this person is and what they’re like. That’s why we’ve spent an incredible amount of time developing the match-making process.

Every Home Coordinator goes through a rigorous and tested training and vetting process before coming on board, and we run background checks before anyone is hired. With a 100+ hour training course, we get a great sense of each Home Coordinator’s skills and personality. We are also very diligent with our hiring process to ensure we’re hiring the right people to support our client’s homes. 

We also work to get to know you, your home, and your unique needs as much as possible. Based on what we learn, we match a Home Coordinator that can best cater to your needs. During your in-home consultation, you will meet your carefully-selected Home Coordinator and a founding member of the MySherri™ team. This consultation allows you to get to know your Home Coordinator, get a feel for our services, give us a walk-through of your home, identify any additional needs, and begin to establish a task list.

Want to learn more about our match-making process or have additional questions? Reach out, and we’d be happy to chat.

Ashley Butler

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Ashley Butler

Doctor turned CEO & Founder of MySherri. Passionate entrepreneur on a mission to help busy professionals spend more time on the people and projects that matter most.