MySherri is on a mission to redefine the home as a destination, not a chore. We believe the home should be a place where you go to recharge and that you should be free to spend time with the people and projects that matter most. And it all starts with a little bit of help.

Our exceptional in-home workforce has a wealth of experience in making the home feel comfortable and cared for. While we know every home is different, there are a variety of home services we commonly provide to busy professionals:

  • Laundry, including hanging and drying clothes
  • Dry cleaning pickup and dropoff
  • Mending 
  • Specialty clothing care
  • Signature Sherri sweep, which is that little extra to make your home feel clean and comfortable
  • Plant care
  • Kitchen care
  • Bedroom care
  • Seasonal home care
living room

…and so much more. Think of your Home Coordinator as your home’s project manager who helps ensure all of the tasks get done. We tend to your home so that you can enjoy it when you get there! 

What you also need to know is that we’re not the deep cleaners. We can certainly help you find the right deep cleaning resource, but it’s our job to maintain and tidy while also managing the other aspects of your home. 

We want to normalize getting support in the home while reducing the shame and guilt associated with asking for help while also empowering our home coordinators to achieve their own balance. Tell us about your home care needs and see how we can help you turn your home from a chore to a destination.  

Want help achieving more balance in your life? Contact us to see how we can help you spend time with the people and projects that matter most. 

Ashley Butler

Meet the Author

Ashley Butler

Doctor turned CEO & Founder of MySherri. Passionate entrepreneur on a mission to help busy professionals spend more time on the people and projects that matter most.