Welcome Home by MySherri™

Give the gift of dinner and delight, a night of relaxation for someone who deserves it

Do you know someone who could use the gift of time and relaxation? Or maybe you’d like to gift an experience to remember a client, friend, or colleague?

We have the perfect gift for busy professionals, friends/family, or clients who could use a night where they can sit back and relax while we handle all the details.


A value of $540!

The Welcome Home by MySherri™ package includes:

  • Dedicated Home Coordinator and Client Success Manager to cater the experience and ensure your needs are met
  • Dinner planning (accounting for preferences or food allergies), grocery shopping, and meal prep in your very own kitchen
  • Table arrangement complete with flower display and candles
  • Dinner preparation of a salad, meat or veggie entree, two vegetables, and dessert (feeds 6)
  • A clean kitchen, emptied trash, and tidied common space before we go
  • No muss, no fuss for you! We cover all of the details and your preferences. All you need to do is take the food out of the oven when you’re ready and enjoy!

MySherri™ handles all the little details with care and intuitively knows how to make your home feel like home while taking all of the chores off your plate. This package is the perfect introduction to their service and a great way to give the gift of time and relaxation to someone who deserves it! They are fabulous!

Jenn G.

CEO, Sapphire Strategy

Give the gift of dinner and delight to a friend, family member, prospect, or colleague. They’ll thank you for the experience!

*Please note we are exclusively serving the greater Indianapolis area.