As an organization dedicated to creating more balance for all, the goal of a Home Coordinator (HC) is to come into a home and perform services that will help take tasks off your plate. Our services revolve around the task list that you create for your Home Coordinator, which includes everything from doing the laundry to grocery shopping to pet care and more.

Everyday looks different for each Home Coordinator. Sometimes they’re cooking, but other times they’re taking care of the plants and making beds. Some days they might be working in a client’s garden and others they’re inside organizing a closet. It all depends on the tasks that you need completed on that day. To ensure a successful engagement, it’s important to take some time upfront with our team to develop a task list that makes the most sense for you!


However, what if you don’t want to list out each individual task?

While HCs have specific tasks they do for each client, they sometimes have general tasks they complete in each home. Anna, one of your Home Coordinators, shared that she takes the trash bins down on trash day for one of her clients. Another Home Coordinator, “only meal preps” for her Friday client. As trained professionals, our HCs know the ins and outs of taking care of homes.

As you get to know your Home Coordinator, they will develop a routine in your home to keep it to your liking. Don’t want to get the mail? Ask them to do it on the day of the week they come! Bad about keeping up with laundry? Ask them to take care of it. Build this routine with them so they know the drill when it’s time to come to your home.

Each day usually includes tidying up the house for our Home Coordinators. They will ensure the dishes are done, the kitchen is cleaned, laundry is put away, clutter is picked up, and the beds are made. But most importantly, their task list will be comprised of what matters most to YOU!

If you’re unsure what to put on your task list, don’t worry; we can help! Check out our helpful resources to learn more: