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We’re always looking for talented people to help us on our mission of achieving more balance for all. See below for our job openings.

Home Coordinator

Full-Time Position 

As a MySherri Home Coordinator, you are:

A Hands-On Professional: Visiting several of your clients’ homes per week in order to:

    • Complete our Signature Sherri Sweep, a light tidying to refresh the space
    • Take care of common tasks, such as buying groceries, picking up dry cleaning, plant care, and laundry
    • Virtual care, such as scheduling, household budgeting, email screening, and travel booking
    • In-home meal preparation using chef-inspired recipes catered to your client’s food preferences
    • Handle special requests on-demand, such as making a dinner reservation at your client’s favorite restaurant or expertly arranging flowers in a vase
    • Help with coordination and quality assurance for in-home services provided by trusted vendors
    • Leave a personalized handwritten note to inform the client what you were able to help them with this week

Who is a Home Coordinator?

As a MySherri Home Coordinator, you are the foundation of our service and at the core of our business. Your mission is to attend to your clients by delivering intuitive personal assistance to their homes every week. You are a critical thinker willing to accept challenges while establishing yourself as a trusted member of your client’s home.

A Home Coordinator is NOT a housecleaner, in-home medical care provider, or nanny for children.

Why Join MySherri?

We reward our exceptional Home Coordinators for the hard work they do every day:

    • Excellent compensation – Home Coordinators are offered competitive wages and are eligible for performance-based bonuses
    • Hourly full-time work – We pay hourly and offer a full-time schedule, and allow you to complete the day’s tasks in your own priority order

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