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Is the pressure of New Year’s Resolutions getting to be too much?

The truth is that a new year is typically focused on setting new goals. And, here at MySherri, we work hard to help you accomplish them.

MySherri helps by creating balance in your life, so that you have more time to complete the goals you set for yourself. We all know the usual New Year’s resolutions: eating healthier, spending more time with friends and family, and finally getting to projects that we keep pushing off. These are typically goals because health, time with loved ones, and passion projects are important in everyone’s lives. 

But seeing goals come to fruition isn’t easy. How can MySherri help?

Resolution #1: “I want to eat healthier in 2023.”

Our skilled Home Coordinators at MySherri help clients prepare for their week by meal prepping, cooking, and even grocery shopping!

prepared food

You don’t have time to cook every night? You aren’t alone! Your Home Coordinator will make big batches of meals so you can opt for a healthier option during those busy days when you don’t feel like cooking or grocery shopping.

Resolution #2: “I want more time back for family and friends.”

By having help in the home, your to-do list will shrink! Your time can go toward spending it where it matters most. 

Clients with MySherri create their very own task list for their Home Coordinator. Those in-home tasks that you dread doing…let your Home Coordinator take care of them! Your Home Coordinator is here for YOU and YOUR needs to save time in your day.

Want to see how MySherri has helped other households? Check out our success stories.

Resolution #3: “I want to finally tackle those house projects I’ve been pushing off.”

MySherri can support by contacting your contractors, managing appointments, and vetting your home team. 


With a Home Coordinator, you won’t have unfinished projects staring at you everytime you walk in your home. MySherri helps to eliminate procrastination by taking care of it for you.

In 2023, there is no more shame in asking for help in the home! We are bettering ourselves and adding balance into our lives by decreasing our task load. As they say, “New Year, New Me,” and this year it can happen with MySherri.

Interested in learning more about how we can help you? Browse our home management services. Ready to take back your 2023 and get more time back with help in the home? Contact us now!